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Feetz - SizeMe Custom Shoes from Feetz on Vimeo.

Feetz is reinventing the footwear industry with our SizeMe technology which provides you custom shoes that fit you perfectly and custom style options for you to design the shoe you want. We convert photos of your feet into 3D models of your feet, apply biomechanical algorithms for comfort, and then 3D print your shoes with our custom materials that are durable, breathable, and flexible. Find out more at




36 University ACT Prep is effective, efficient, AND engaging. Through the use of imagery, motion graphics, and simple explanations, we make even the most complex concepts understandable and memorable. Our curriculum is designed to ensure students know what to expect on the ACT and how best to attack each section.  To accomplish this, our seasoned education experts have thoroughly analyzed every released ACT item.  We know which concepts are likely to appear on the ACT, how frequently to expect them, and the context in which they will likely be presented.  The program targets specific skills students need to excel and tracks their progress. Find out more at